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Item No.:GM-AFL1108036
Name::Aluminium Foil Top Cover for Yoghurt Cup
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1-Material: Pure Aluminum Foil
2-Alloy: 8011
3-Temper: Soft
4-Outer Diameter: 68mm
5-Thickness: 35-50micron
6-Usage: Plastic Cup Sealing 

1-Good sealing strength with tight and flat performance
2-Leakage resistant and good damp proof function
3-Bright and vivid color printing
4-the raw material is aluminum foil which can be recycled to conserve the environment
5-Can be with PP/PS lacquered also can be with PP/PE /PS film lamination, suitable for PP/PS/PE/PVC/PET cup sealing widely used for Yoghurt cup, water cup, ice cream cup, jam cup packaging.
6-Customized orders are available

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