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Item No.:GM-FB1103057
Name::Food Bag
Food Bag,Compound Bag,Stand Up Pouch:
1) Material: OPP, PET, CPP aluminum-foil, PET aluminum-foil, Nylon sheet, pure aluminum sheet.
2) Material thickness: There're 0.05mm~0.15mm options.
3) New Style: Triangle sides weld bags, center weld bags, and cubic bags.
4) Product color: Per the customer's requirements (e. G. The customer's designs are available. )
5) Specification: Per the customer's requirements.
6) Function: Apply to all kinds of foods & commodity packaging, e. G. Fast noodle, frozen snack, flour /powder bags, rice snack, biscuit, candy, light food etc. With the excellent printing quality, there is an aluminum layer laminated which is a very good barrier to resist moisture, oxygen, light etc. The bag can protect the inside food from the sunlight or air to avoid flavor emitting or acidification.

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